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Haft day trip - Chinese terracotta warriors in Bangkok

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Today was Sunday, I was going to visit National Museum Bangkok. Currently there is an interesting exhibition of terracotta warrior figures of ’Qin Shi Huang' (The first emperor of China). But this times I want to add a little bit more exciting to my trip by travel boat.

Walk way from Zleepmotion to MRT
Asoka pier - at the entrance

I leaved from Zleepmotion Hotel a little bit late around 14.00 PM. I walk on Soi Sukhumvit 22 through Eua Amornsuk Apartment on the way to Ratchada pisek Road and then take the MRT at Queen Sirikit National Conversation Center station entry no. 4. It's about a 10 minute walking. At the station I brought a ticket to Phetchaburi station (cost 19 Baht). Take the subway in “Tao Poon” direction. I leaved MRT at Phetchaburi station go to Exit 2, then went to Asoka pier. The pier is under the bridge. At the Asoka pier. There are many pictures of tourist’s information showing the tourism place eg. Temples and Shopping Malls and an interested one is Kwan Riam floating Market, It’s quite far from center of Bangkok but it’s easy to go by boat, I may write a review for this place next times.

at Asoka pier - go to right hand direction.
Waiting for the boat.
On the boad
fast and furious :)

Boat officer - I bought the ticket from her.
What was he doing?

At the pier I wait boat for a moment. I took the boat that came from the Left hand side and then went to the Right hand side and brought a ticket from officer on the boat just tell them I would like to go “Panfa Reelard” pier (Thai people say in short “Panfa pier”). The ticket price is 13 baht. It took me approximately 15 minutes to get The Panfa pier. When I arrived at Panfa pier I can easily see the Golden mount of Wat Saket or say shortly in thai “Phu Kaw Thong”. So now I was in the area call Rattanakosin island which a charming old town area. In this area you can found lot of tourism attraction e.g. museum, art gallery, lots of old and important Royal temples, palace, Democracy monument, local life, street food and restaurant, pubs and night life on Khao San road.

At "Panfa pier" We can see Golden mount of Wat Saket or “Phu Kaw Thong”
Mahadthai Utid bridge at Panfa pier.
Cannon of Pom Maha Kan (Maha Kan fort) - build by Rama king the first in 1783.
Loha Prasat Wat Ratchanatda
Nitasrattanakosin Exhibition Hall - One of the attractive place.
Lot of art gallery around this area.
Democracy monument
Lottery stall - We always excite to win the lottery 1st and 16th every month :)
Here I arrived at National Museum Bangkok. Exhibition billboard in front of the museum.

I was walking and shooting photography along the road from Democracy monument until Sanam Luang, it ‘s open field in front of Grand palace, National Museum Bangkok is on the right corner of Sanam Luang. So now it ‘s almost 16.00 o’clock. I hurried to buy a ticket because the museum is close on 18.00 o’clock. The ticket price for Thai is 30 Bath, for foreigner is 200 Bath. You can’t bring camera into the exhibition room. But photo shooting by cell phone is allow. In the exhibition shown brief of Chinese history in text and video, ancient daily used equipment, weapons, armor and the highlight is terracotta warrior figures. I used around 45 mins in the exhibition.

some terracotta warrior figures in the exhibition.
shown their warrior's dresses.
Chariot model
ice cream stall in front of the museum's entrance.
Yummy :)
Temple of the Emerald Buddha or "Wat Phra Kaew" - on the way the MRT.
City Pillar Shrine - on the way to MRT.
There are many ancient cannon in front of Ministry of Defense - on the way to MRT.
One of the most beautiful MRT station - Sanam Chai MRT station, decorate in traditional Thai architecture.

I leaved the National Museum Bangkok at 18.00 o’clock and I found ice cream stall in front of the museum’s entrance. I bought a vanilla ice cream with bread. This kind of ice cream is hard to find now a day. I was tired so I decided not stop by any other place on the way home. I walk direct to MRT Sanam Chai station. So I walk through Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), The building of Ministry of defense you can see lot of ancient cannons shown in front of the building, Wat Pho and at the MRT entrance I saw Museum Siam. Many attractive place that I will write review later on. I brought a ticket to Queen Sirikit National Conversation Center station, 33 Bath. And then I walk back to the hotel. So this was my haft-day trip for today. If you interested and have any question you can ask our staff at the front desk. Have a good trip.

- Note -

1. National Museum Bangkok will close on 12 Dec and 14 Dec 2019 at the afternoon for royal ceremony near the museum.

2. The terracotta warrior figures of ’Qin Shi Huang' exhibited between 16 Sep – 15 Dec 2019

3. The ticket price for Thai is 30 Bath and for foreigner is 200 Bath.

4. National Museum Bangkok is open on Wednesday – Sunday, The ticket on sale from 8.30 – 17.00 o’clock and exhibition room close at 18.00 o’clock.

5. Telephone number are 0 2224 2050 and 0 2222 3569.

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